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Master Aaron Kravetz

Master Aaron Kravetz

Master Kravetz has been studying and teaching Chinese martial arts as a full time career since 1982. He got his basic foundation through the study of Chinese Kempo, a soft style with it’s origins in 5 Animal style Shaolin Kung-Fu.He holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Kempo. Even though his foundation was in Kempo, Tai-Chi is his passion. Tai-Chi can be studied by people of all ages.

Master Kravetz first studied a rare form of Tai-Chi called Temple style, it is very similar to Wu-Dang Tai-Chi. He was fortunate to have encountered Dr. Wen Xu (Wen Zee) in Tucson Arizona. He became a private student and was fortunate to have the honor of driving Dr. Zee to his classes around town. Dr. Zee was an indoor student of Grand-Master Ma-Yueh- Liang who was the number 1 indoor student of Wu-Chien-Chuan, the founder of the Wu style.Wu style Tai-Chi is the 2nd most popular style in the world and it’s popularity continues to grow.

Master Kravetz is a detailed instructor who loves to share the art. Most who come to his classes seem to be interested in the health aspects of the art. Even though this is so, he teaches the martial aspects. This is due to the fact that to gain the health benefits offered through the study, one must have an understanding of how it is used. The study of Wu style Tai Chi is a study of body, mind and spirit. It is an excellent way to get into and stay in shape. It is also considered the number one most effective method for developing balance.

Tai Chi has to be experienced directly in order to get a feeling for the art. It is both fun and elegant, and incredibly healthy for it’s practitioners.

Master Kravetz is also available for private instruction.  Rates are generally $50 per hour.

  • Chi Gong Forms
  • White Crane Chi Gong
  • 5-Animal Chi Gong
  • Wu Style Long Form Tai Chi
  • Wu Style Sabre Form
  • Wu Style Fast Set
  • Kung Fu by appointment

Sessions are available in your home in the Prescott area.   Please contact Master Kravetz here.